Take the Red Tape challenge!


Challenge sticker

We’re big fans of the Government’s “Red Tape Challenge”, an
initiative which seeks to reduce the burden of administration
which often seems to hamperUK business and the wider society
as a whole. The website offers the opportunity for all to tell Government which
regulations (of which there are an astonishing 21,000) are
working and which are not; what should be scrapped, what
should be saved and what should be simplified. Every few
weeks, the site publishes regulations affecting one specific
sector or industry and invites comment. Ministers then have 3
months to determine which regulations to keep and why, the
default presumption being that burdensome regulations will
disappear unless a very good case can be made to the contrary.
So if you’ve been frustrated by red tape, whether in a business,
personal or volunteering context, then jump online and have
you say!