Owed money by a client? Try MCOL as a low cost cash collection route


Money Claim Online (MCOL)

Money Claim Online (MCOL) was set up in 2001 to support government policy in making justice affordable and accessible to all. It gives individuals and businesses a low cost route to take those who owe them money to court without engaging legal representation.

An online service, MCOL allows county court claims to be issued for fixed sums up to £100,000 by individuals and organisations via the net, pioneering the first example of a so-called ‘Cyber-Court” in the UK. Using MCOL, a claimant can request a claim online, check the status of the claim and, where appropriate, request entry of judgment and enforcement by warrant of control.  Likewise, the defendant can also use MCOL to reply to and check the status of their claims online.

Fees apply which are scaleable, according to the size of the debt (e.g. £60 for a debt between £500 and £1000) and these are payable online via card, and are non-refundable. However, if you are successful in your claim, you may add costs and interest to the sum owed.