Drowning in paperwork? A simple solution for Contractor Accounting

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Drowning in paperwork? We offer a simple solution for contractors and freelancers….

When working as a contractor or freelancer, we’re pretty that you want to spend as much of your time outside of work doing things that you want to do. Preparing & submitting your company accounts, corporation tax & VAT returns plus dealing with all other Companies House and HMRC correspondence are probably not high on your list of favourite things to do…right?

For a monthly fixed monthly fee, we offer a complete package for the contractor or freelancer who operates via a Limited Company, also often referred to as a managed service company or personal service company. Our “one-stop-shop” includes:

We will advise on the optimum VAT setup  and with access to our client area, you will be supplied with easy-to-use customised Excel spreadsheets to record your income and expenditure, which you can upload remotely without the need to visit us in person – unless you would like to!

We can also advise on the benefits of a Limited Company structure as opposed to remaining self employed, and if applicable, can incorporate a company on your behalf, manage the company bank account opening process and register you with the relevant VAT, Corporation Tax and PAYE departments of HMRC. We can even manage your company bank account on your behalf if you so wish, and make all required tax & dividend payments for you. Our aim is to remove all of the accounting & taxation administration from your to-do list, leaving you to focus on your day job.

Download our Contractor Accounting Brochure here or contact us for a free no-obligation consultation to talk it through.