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Where to invest spare cash depends very much on your risk/reward profile – if you prefer to play it safe and are content with dependable but low returns, then the high street banks offer a multitude of ISA type vehicles; stocks and shares are a traditional investment option, but you need to choose your targets wisely, and with uncertainties like Brexit on the horizon, it’s a tough call to predict how the markets will fare in the future; property has always been the stalwart of investment portfolios, but bricks and mortar only yield good returns if you are in it for the long haul – or if you are prepared to run the buy-to-let route and the multitude of landlord obligations that it brings…

So what other options are there? Well, small business is the lifeblood of the British economy yet it’s the sector that struggles the most when seeking investment to grow and prosper – hence the EIS scheme, introduced by the Government to incentivise private investment into high growth potential ventures, tempting investors with a cocktail of tantalising tax free goodies.

If that has whet your appetite, read the full article on EIS and SEIS in the latest copy of our iNsight magazine.


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