The Evans Entwistle e-Square app is here!

eSquare app pic

We’re going to hazard a guess that calculating mileage is probably not the highlight of your day and that allocating expenses doesn’t really rock your world. Well, now we’ve got an app for that! Our new e-Square app captures and categorises all of your business expenditure and allocates every expense to the right account, minimising transposition errors whilst maximising accuracy. Your data drops straight into our system allowing us to process your VAT returns, thereby reducing your annual accountancy bills.

Let’s do away with data entry….

With the e-Square app you can instantly record your receipts using the camera tool and quickly capture the date, amount and reason for each transaction – then make use of the clever in-built tools to analyse your business expenditure, giving you greater insights into your business on the go (although you might be shocked at how much you really spend on Starbucks every month…!)

Do the maths

By tracking your travel and counting your costs as you go, you’ll never lose another receipt– so you can be sure you are claiming all of your business expenditure and in doing so, minimising your tax bills, plus by capturing the data yourself, you’ll save on data entry costs:


Bag of paper receipts: £10/hour data entry x 4 hours x VAT returns per year = £160/year

e-Square app: £5/month subscription, with 3 months free introductory offer = £45/year – with 24/7 data analysis at your fingertips

We’re offering 3 MONTHS FREE* trial to the e-Square app – simply email to sign up

*£5 per month thereafter