44% of businesses victims of cybercrime

44% of businesses victims of cybercrime

According to recent research by Barclays, 44% of businesses have suffered losses due to cybercrime, with an average of £35,000 lost each.

Often fraudsters will pretend to be the CEO of a big business that makes large payments, by sending an email to an employee asking them to make an urgent payment. Impersonation fraud has cost UK businesses £32 million in the past year. This video exposes some of the strategies cyber criminals are using right now –  do you know what to look out for?


If you receive an unexpected invoice or payment request – whether it has different details to normal or just doesn’t seem right – check with the person it’s meant to have come from before sending any money or report the sort code and account number to your bank and they will look into it. – this clip shows how vigilance about impersonation fraud helped save a business…


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