Client Case Study: PredictorBet

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A team from Wales is set to shake up the UK gambling sector – we speak to founder, Dean Jones, about PredictorBet, the UK’s brightest new online sports prediction platform.

PredictorBet is a totally different – yet beautifully simple – proposition to traditional gambling. Unlike a lottery or typical fixed odds betting where luck or external events dictate your chances, PredictorBet rewards your sporting knowledge – you predict the outcome of a sporting event, be it final scores in a match or final positions in a tournament, and the closest predictions win the greatest share of the pot.

Says Founder & Director Dean Jones, who has 30 years management experience in the UK gambling sector: “The idea came to me when I was working out the weekly scores for the office football sweepstakes, and chasing colleagues for their subs, and I thought “there has to be a better way to do this!” – PredictorBet is essentially the high-tech version of that traditional office social” The PredictorBet platform offers a host of international sports to appeal to fans from all walks of life including football, rugby, darts, motor racing, ice hockey, NHL, NFL, tennis, cycling and golf, with games based on season long leagues as well as tournaments such as the World Cup and Wimbledon. Players can fully customise their own prediction games, choosing their sport, stake, payout rules – even team name – and then invite their friends to play along with an exclusive invite code. Says Dean “It’s a very social but competitive premise, and a “better bet” than traditional bookies, as 100% of the prize pot pays out to punters every game – so if you really know your sport, you’re in with a high chance of a win. As we like to think, it’s “Educated Betting”.

Seed funding for the venture was provided in the form of private equity raised by ourselves, Evans Entwistle, and we are now working towards a second tranche of investment. On launching the platform in February 2018, the company announced a 3-year partnership with the Elite Ice Hockey League, the professional league which represents the highest level of ice hockey competition in the UK. The deal sees PredictorBet become the Official Betting Partner of the Elite Ice Hockey League and title sponsor of the annual PlayOffs, the most prestigious event in the ice hockey calendar, which is now officially known as The PredictorBet PlayOffs. Says Dean: “Ice hockey is an incredibly fast paced dynamic sport, and for us, it totally embodies what we are about! Presenting the PredictorBet PlayOffs trophy live on the BBC was just incredible – although I have to say that it was quite hard to remain impartial as Title Sponsor, because, as a Cardiff native, I was overjoyed that the Devils took the title for a second year!”


  • No fixed-odds – closest predictions win every time!
  • The house only ever takes 10% of the stake – nothing more, nothing less – the rest of the stakes builds those prize pots!
  • The whole prize pot pays out to punters, every game!
  • Create your own custom prediction games, just for you and your mates!

Our remit: Evans Entwistle developed the business case and raised the seed funding required to launch the venture, and also managed the Gambling Commission license application process. We now act as a full service outsourced finance department and also manage all statutory compliance returns in this highly regulated industry.

EIS investment opportunities are still available in PredictorBet: contact