A degree of change

With many Year 13 students currently completing their UCAS applications at this time of year, thoughts inevitably change to how parents will fund their offspring through the university journey. On that note, the Government has announced the largest changes to the student loans system in England since fees were allowed to triple in 2012. Starting […]
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R&D tax credits

Unlocking R&D tax credits

Research and development (R&D) tax credits are a government incentive designed to reward UK companies for investing in innovation, and can be a valuable cash injection to help propel the business forwards, with £7.4bn being claimed by UK firms in 2020. The relief supports companies that work on innovative projects in science and technology, and […]
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Bottled Water

Basket Case

The “basket of goods” began life in 1947, as a sample of everyday items that could be used to measure changes in the prices of goods and services. This was – and still is – used to help calculate consumer price inflation i.e. the rate at which the prices of goods and services bought by […]
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Beware the seasonal tax scams

HMRC has warned taxpayers completing their 2020/21 tax returns to ‘be on their guard’ and stay vigilant in regard to tax-related scams. Nearly 800,000 tax scams were reported in the last year, HMRC revealed, stating that fraudsters use self assessment returns to attempt to steal money or personal information from taxpayers – in the past […]
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