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An enterprising way to invest

Small business is the lifeblood of the British economy yet it’s the sector that struggles the most when seeking investment to grow and prosper. HMRC’s various Venture Capital schemes, introduced by the Government to encourage private investment into high growth potential ventures, not only provide a real alternative to high street lending for the business […]
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National Password Day!

They’re strange, they’re complex, they’re everywhere, and we forget them far more than is absolutely healthy for us. No, we’re not talking about anniversaries (though sometimes we are! You’ll see what we mean later…). We’re talking about your passwords! Today marks the ninth anniversary of World Password Day, an event created by Intel to raise […]
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The case for a business case

The case for a business case

Whether you are looking to start, develop or even buy a business, you’ll probably need funding – which means you’ll have given some thought to the financials. But here’s the big secret to securing finance… it’s not just about the numbers! That might be a surprising thing for a firm of Chartered Management Accountants to […]
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Bottled Water

Basket Case

The “basket of goods” began life in 1947, as a sample of everyday items that could be used to measure changes in the prices of goods and services. This was – and still is – used to help calculate consumer price inflation i.e. the rate at which the prices of goods and services bought by […]
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