The Spelling Company Ltd

Spellco provides interactive literacy and spelling software solutions to the primary education sector via a collaborative platform which for the first time links the school, teachers, parents and pupils to give a unified view of the child’s spelling progress. Intelligent algorithms pinpoint patterns of mistakes in an individual child’s spelling patterns and refocus the program on presenting activities containing those particularly problematic phonemes until the child achieves success in each and graduates to the next level of difficulty – effectively, Spellco is bringing AI into the spelling sphere, plus the incorporation of a bespoke reward system which can be used by both schools and parents to set personalised attainment goals & rewards incentivises every child more effectively.

September 2021 is set to witness the simultaneous launch of the English and Welsh versions of the platform in time for the new school term, with plans to launch in other languages in later phases of development.

Key Facts: Seeking £180k total investment; SEIS Advance Assurance granted